Leo Woman And Gemini Man

A very compatible pair, Gemini man and Leo woman will have a great love life except for a very few grey areas in their lives. It has all the potential of developing into a long lasting bond. Since both like to be the center of attraction in social events and parties, they never fell short of meaningful conversation. At least no one around them will become bored.Only requirement for Gemini man is to control is flirtatious nature while Leo woman will have to shed some of her dominant natures and give the Gemini man enough space not to suffocate him out of her life. It is one of the most difficult tasks pinning the Gemini man down.


Gemini likes to be jack of all traders and master of none because it becomes easier not to get involved in something forever. Point of clash between the two may be the offshoot of too much fluctuating nature of Gemini coupled with the natural flair for dominance of the Leo woman. She will always try to tame the Gemini man and will always expect that the man will cherish, love, and respect her showering her with veritable showers of praise. Just by flattering her Gemini man can win over the lioness. Both have expensive tastes in every aspect of life whether it is conversation or their apparel. Both also love to travel and will not think twice before spending money in any endeavor.

On the positive side is the fact that the Gemini man and Leo woman have everything that helps to fulfill the goals in their life. His lavish styles and her loving quality will be fine match for each other. He will sense things that are intriguing and special. Leo woman will find the constant change of pace by her Gemini man difficult to cope up. Running at full pace he will suddenly stop in his tracks, while she will be looking forward towards a constant a stable relationship that will give stability and security and that may end up with some serious feud. When satisfied; Leo woman will show great passion as well as affection for the Gemini man. Sexual life would be highly contended and trouble free. If Gemini man can show the finesse as well as delicacy that Leo woman craves for that will mean he is giving everything that the Leo woman is looking for. A word of caution for Gemini man would be not to display infidelity or even flirting with others in the presence of the Lioness. She is not going to excuse it with her inherent jealousy and problems in relationship could surface immediately.

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