Gemini Woman And Leo Man

Combination of Gemini woman and Leo man would be great and there will be extremely good chances of getting on well in the relationship with each other.Both are highly sociable and love meeting new people enjoying the parties and gathering.Gemini woman will love the grandiosity as well as generosity coupled with funny sense of humor of the Leo man. He on turn adores the vivacity and passion displayed by Gemini woman as well as her passion for life. Strong point in the relationship will be constant flow of high romance and passion. It will be good for both if they remain committed to each other and stand by one another’s side irrespective of all odds and despite all temptations.

This will cement the bond of their relationship which will have great chances of long term success in life. Charming and extremely capable in handling the situation at any point of time, Leo has the weakness of submitting to flattery. Just flattering the man can earn anything for Gemini woman and she knows it perfectly. However, despite liking to be praised, the Leo man will never boast about it. He is generous with money but knows when to tame the adversary or even the partner. With her sharp intellect, Gemini woman will always analyze the behavior of her man and use it to her advantage. If they create an understanding and sense of respect for each other, they will give space to each other. While Gemini woman will leave the leadership to Leo man, he on turn will not mind her going out a bit from time to time. Without understanding and compromise the relationship may run into rough weather since Gemini woman is difficult to pin down.


Leo man will like to show his Gemini woman what she really needs that could change the entire perspectives of her life. In result he will start looking after her fondly and with greater interest. Gemini woman on the other hand may find the much desired safety and security in the arms of her Leo man and may step down a bit from the outgoing attitude she naturally harbors. When satisfied, Leo man will be extremely passionate and affectionate for his lover. So long the interest of Gemini woman does not prioritize over the man, the relationship will have a nice cord. She will always feel the need to run up to him or curls in his arms making him love her even more.

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