Gemini And Leo Compatibility

When Gemini meets Leo, it is air meeting fire and the two make a reasonably compatible pair. The two have many common characteristics such as love for fun, adventure as well and enjoying the life. Finding each other quite fascinating the two will have a well organized love life. Intellectually the two are at the most compatible levels making their conversations interesting and soul satisfying. One problem on the way of perfect harmony could be the ever changing nature of Gemini that may irritate Leo quite a generating jealousy because Leo always wants to be the dominating partner in a relationship.

Capability for creating a long lasting relationship is much greater in Leo in comparison to Gemini. Leo will stick to people as well as things which he or she will like on the other hand Gemini will always be on the move in the relation fronts. Sharp tongue of Gemini may heart the too fragile ego of Leo but the nature of forgiveness inherent to Leo will be a major relief for both in a relationship. Gemini makes Leo feel relaxed and on turn blossoms under the generosity and warmth exerted by the partner. When they will learn to give each other freedom in the true sense, the relationship could last really longer than usual. Mentally and intellectually the two match very well. Leo always likes to be the center of attraction in the crowd but may feel neglected when Gemini gets absorbed elsewhere. On the other hand the dominant nature of Leo may hamper the free spirit of Gemini. Only way the relationship can survive the onslaught of time is that the two partners agree to let each other go their own ways. As a team however the two will excel with their love of life and enjoyment since they have many common attributes.


Patch up in feuds will be easy with the sugar coated words of Gemini coupled with the flair of Leo for forgiving. In any socializing event the duo will be a great couple displaying all flairs and excellent rapport. Sexual life of the two will be highly satisfying and pleasant. Both will constitute great bed partners and will love the sensation of melting into each other’s arms. Gemini in this case will be even more responsive than the Leo partner. Leo will be seriously drawn by the sex appeal of Gemini. Gemini is ruled by mercury and has beauty and brain while Leo who is ruled by Sun with the flamboyant nature will be a perfect match for Gemini in love, romance, and sexual life. While the duo has many things in common, they have some differences as well. Yet with a little understanding and respect for each other they make one of the best love matches. Once they start feeling that the other is indispensable to his or her life, things will go on smoothly for ages to come.

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